FireFly Batons, LLC was started to provide a visually stunning alternative to fire batons which are not allowed on turf football fields.

My story:

I began twirling when I was 5 years old. I dreamed of being a majorette twirling a fire baton at half-time shows. However, when I reached high school, I learned they had a turf field and fire batons were not allowed. Of course I was disappointed but I did not give up! I began to think of other ways to get more flash in the show.

While in high school, I was involved in my school's Engineering Academy and majorette line. I began tinkering with electronics to develop an idea I had to put bright LED’s inside a clear baton shaft. After a couple years of testing and refining, I developed an LED baton that can be used in a half-time show!

Our Radiance baton is the first of its kind to have LED's in a clear shaft that is essentially the same diameter as a regular baton. These batons are very bright and can easily be seen under stadium lights during a half time show. They are eye-catching and are truly magnificent spinning in the sky!

Last year, we tested and refined our batons with the Spain Park High School band during their 2018 field season. 

Update: I am currently a Freshman at MIT and am majoring in Materials Science and Engineering.

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