FireFly Batons, LLC seeks to provide visually stunning novelty batons.

My story:

I began twirling when I was 5 years old. I dreamed of being a majorette twirling a fire baton at half-time shows. However, when I reached high school, I learned they had a turf field and fire batons were not allowed. Of course I was disappointed but I did not give up! I began to think of other ways to get more flash in the show.

While in high school, I was involved in my school's Engineering Academy and majorette line. Combining both of these interests, I invented a remote controlled, rechargeable LED baton that was used throughout football season! 


FireFly Batons was originally created to sell these LED batons, but we have since discontinued this baton due to the high demand for our deLIGHT Glow baton. We are a small family business and want to ensure we are selling quality products to our customers. 

I am currently a sophomore at MIT studying Materials Science and Engineering!

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