Our Radiance LED baton is a product of over two years of development and testing.  Designed to be an alternative to a fire baton, it is truly bright! With its rich colors and beautiful programs, our baton is a crowd pleaser!  A Bluetooth app gives you control over a rainbow of customizable solid colors and over 100 amazing programs.  

Our batons are made to order. 

US orders only - international shipping restrictions on lipo batteries make us unable to ship the Radiance baton to other countries. 

Note: The Bluetooth app will change one baton at a time. However, you can have multiple phones or other bluetooth devices controlling multiple batons at the same time (one device per baton). 

Radiance LED Baton

Baton Length
    • Powered by a 7.4 volt Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery
    • Charging cable included
    • Working distance between the device running the app and the baton (with no obstructions) is up to 50 feet.
    • The App can change the program or color on a single baton during a performance.
    • A single color or program can be used on multiple batons for a performance by following these instructions: Using the App, connect with one baton and set the color or program desired for the performance beforehand. Turn off this baton. Using the app, connect to the second baton and set its color.  This can be repeated for any number of batons.
    • The baton will remember the last program or color and will display it when turned on.
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