Designed for night-time twirling, our glow baton uses glow bracelets which can last up to 8 hours. You can fill the baton with up to 3 glow bracelets for under $1.00 for a whole night of glow-twirling fun! Get a glow baton for glow parties, night parades, bonfires or to practice at night! 


Multi Baton Order discounts!  Use the following coupon codes at checkout:

  • SixPlus for a 10% discount on orders of 6 or more batons
  • TenPlus for a 20% discount on orders of 10 or more batons


Different lengths of baton have varying inside configurations, so please reference the chart included in the pictures when ordering your baton. 


Note these batons are 2 ounces lighter than traditional batons.



  • Twist lock plug for easy glow stick replacement

  • Conveniently designed for 8’’ glow sticks (bracelet size)

  • Spacers for keeping glow sticks in place


What you’ll get (per baton)

  • 6 glow sticks

  • 2 sets of spacers

  • Instruction sheet



  • The number of glow sticks and spacer lengths depend on the size of the baton. Please refer to the chart above to see what a baton of each size looks like. 


*The Glow Baton is designed for typical 8 inch glow stick bracelets that can be found at local stores or online*

We purchase our glow sticks here:

deLIGHT Glow Baton